Lint LD5 Headphones Amplifier

ZAR 1,750.00

The Lint LD 5 is a high quality headphone amplifier, designed to
enhance sound quality from a audio source.  The unit performs well with a DSTV device, a phone, CD player, and
stunning results from our Lintone phono stage and a turntable. Other
audio sources may be used, computer, chromecast or similar with
excellent results.
The unit has been highly developed as it was designed and tested
during the South African Lockdown level 5 in 2020.
The design incorporates some high end audio materials that the
lockdown allowed us to source, these allow exceptional audio
Output 8-600 ohms Hz response 30 hz to 20 khz
Input 150mv RMS – Output 1,5 volts RMS
Uses 2 x PP3 batteries last 60 hrs or more
Headphone connection 6,35 mm standard stereo socket
Input 2 x RCA phono sockets