Lint LINTone Phono pre amplifier

ZAR 1,650.00

The LINTone phono pre amplifier presents a economical solution to enable a user
to purchase and use a vinyl record player or turntable with an existing sound
The pre amplifier plugs direct to the record player deck, then plugs to a standard
line or aux input featured on modern day stereo or surround sound systems.
The pre amplifier will accept both MM and HOMC inputs direct. The output
closely matches the RIAA frequency equalisation curve, (not just another
A text book NJM4580 op-amp is used to ensure simplicity in its design. Coupled to
linear power circuitry eliminates external noise. 1980s design for 1980s
NJM 4580 dop amp:
Gain (1kHz): 42dB
input signal: 5 - 10mV
input impedance: 47Kohm
Low Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.003% (Typical)
Low noise Vn = 18 nV/√Hz (Typical) at f = 1 kHz
Supplied with a wall power supply, pre amplifier unit and earth cable.

Category Phono Stage